The Texture Was Important To Me When Creating Keto Bread Coconut Flour Keto ...

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close up image Keto Bread loaf

The Only Keto Bread Recipe You'll Ever Need This keto bread recipe is the newest one in my ...

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Keto Patriotic Cheesecake Parfait

Next in our series of easy keto parfaits is our Keto Patriotic Cheesecake Parfait. We are releasing this one just in time to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend! There’s just something about the beauty of red, white and blue together that brings the entire celebration together on your table. This keto dessert is 100% kid approved….

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memorial day keto menu header graphic picturing dad and daughter wearing a cape with the national flag

Your Keto Memorial Day Menu

Today we’re sharing 12 keto recipes for your Keto Memorial Day Menu. The weather is heating up and we’re preparing to spend some time relaxing and honoring our family members this Memorial Day Weekend. We’ve also scheduled some additional family time for video chats in light of the social distancing rules we continue to follow….

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heavy cream vs. whipping cream header image

Heavy Cream vs. Whipping Cream: Choosing Cream At The Store

Heavy cream vs whipping cream – both names used in a variety of keto recipes you’ll find on the internet and in cookbooks. But what makes heavy cream different from whipping cream? Is it different at all? What about half -and- half or light cream? How do you know what to pick when staring at…

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Keto Lemon Pie with title

Keto Lemon Pie

On the Keto Diet & craving something sweet? Me too! I've paired a tangy lemon curd with real whipped cream and a ...

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how to track macros on a keto diet

What Should I Track On The Keto Diet?

If you’ve started your keto diet or are getting ready to start… you probably have a lot of questions. In this post, I’m going to cover some important things to track on your ketogenic diet. These are all things I personally track and encourage my clients to track over time. First… what are the main…

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a picture of tara with the headline how long does it take to get into ketosis

How Long Does It Take To Get Into Ketosis

How long does it take to get into ketosis? I remember when I first started the keto diet. I had so many questions!! How long it would take to get into Ketosis was at the top of the list. I recall the impatience…wondering if every little symptom might be the keto flu… and of course…

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must have keto thanksgiving recipes

9 Must Have Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

With this collection of keto Thanksgiving recipes, you can quite easily stay keto for the holiday. If you aren’t cooking, maybe you can bring a keto dish to share. Choose one of your favorite items and make and bring that keto Thanksgiving recipe. Be sure and bookmark this page as I’ll be adding to it…

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hb jeremy's story

Jeremy’s Story

I was skinny my entire childhood. I honestly can’t remember a time up to when I was 21 that I ever carried around too much weight. Since my memory of my earliest years is not very good, I can’t really say what types of foods I was fed as a pre-teen. I suppose it is…

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Keto Egg nog on a glass with title

Keto Egg Nog

Cooking this keto Egg Nog will fill your kitchen with the scents of the season. The warm, comforting scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla will spread throughout the house and bring hungry smiles to your kitchen. While there are many variations of egg nog that use raw eggs, I wanted to stick to the…

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low carb rootbeer featured image showing a mug full of fizzy low carb rootbeer with ice

Low Carb Root Beer

A low carb root beer recipe that lets you indulge a little AND stay faithful to your Ketogenic Diet! The secret behind this low carb root beer recipe is choosing a root beer extract that doesn’t contain added sugars. Some of my favorite flavoring extracts I’ve used in the past actually contain some form of…

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Low Carb Sangria_1_Blog post 1200 x 675

Low Carb Sangria

This refreshing, fruity low carb sangria is just what you’re looking for at the end of a hot summer day. It’s perfect for parties, celebrations or ‘just because’. This low carb sangria takes less than twenty minutes to make from start to finish. All the while you’re anticipating the rich, fruity goodness you’ll get to…

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Sugar Free Amaretto

Homemade Sugar Free Amaretto Recipe

Is there anything like rich and decadent amaretto around the holiday season?? This year, I put myself to work on creating a sugar free amaretto. You know, my favorite drink in all the world is an amaretto sour… However, if you were to look up the nutrition facts on an amaretto sour you’d quickly find…

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