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Get Slender & Healthy, Faster

Commit to changing your behaviors so you can step into the future you dream of. It's within your reach with a few simple, actionable steps you'll create with the worksheets inside.

Create YOUR Custom Plan

There's no "one-size-fits-all" keto diet... Use the 30 Day Keto Planner to create YOUR personal plan with powerful worksheets & goal setting guides.

Crush Your Sugar Addiction

The handy Sugar Substitute Guide will help you make better choices and crush your sugar addiction. PLUS, you'll find handy guides to make choosing keto foods easy and confusion free.

Turn Yourself Into A Fat Burning Machine

Get The Results You Crave With The Proven System Inside This 30 Day Keto Planner

Designed By Health Coach Tara

It's everything I wish I had when I started Keto three years ago.

Using this planner daily will help you harness the superpowers of the ketogenic diet and turn you into a fat-burning machine.

It's why I've developed this powerful planner specifically for your keto diet.

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Cut Keto Confusion + Make Keto SIMPLE 

Take the confusion out of keto with valuable resources at your fingertips including:

- The Sugar Substitute Guide

- Keto Food Lists

- Foods To Avoid List

- Keto Meal Plans

- Keto Convenience Food Recommendations

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Grow Your Confidence & Get Inspired 

Get Inspired Each Day With Inspirational Quotes On Each Of The 30 Daily Planner Pages

Stay Motivated By Checking Off Each Day On The Pathway To Success Worksheet

Track Your Progress On The Before & After Worksheet

As Seen On:

Check out Tara's

Keto Grocery Store Tour

filmed in her local Hy-Vee.

Learn how to shop keto in real-life.

Discover recipes and educational content on YouTube @ Tara's Keto Kitchen.

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Written by bestselling author of "The Keto Cupcake Cookbook"

What You'll Get With The 30 Day Keto Planner

Reach Your Goals Lightening Fast With Powerful Worksheets & Guides

  • Sugar Substitute Guide 
  • Keto Convenience Food Recommendations
  • Keto Food List
  • Foods To Avoid On Keto
  • Powerful Instructions + Worksheets To Create Your Plan & Develop Your Goals
  • Planning & Goal Setting Worksheets
  • Before & After Tracking
  • Check Each Day Off On The Pathway To Success

  • How To Sections
  • 12 Signs Of Ketosis
  • Testing For Ketosis (3 ways)
  • Meal Plans & Blank Meal Planning Worksheets
  • Meal Prep Checklist
  • Keto Recipes
  • Daily Worksheets (with motivational quotes)
  • One Month Calendar & Note Pages 


    A $27 Bonus Course

    Yours For Free With Purchase!

    With your purchase of either format- you'll get a special bonus course

    with tips & tricks on putting the 30 Day Keto Planner to work for you.

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    30 Day Keto Planner Printed Option starts at 24.97


    A $27 Bonus Course

    Yours For Free With Purchase!

    With your purchase of either format- you'll get a special bonus course

    with tips & tricks on putting the 30 Day Keto Planner to work for you.

    What others are saying about the keto planner

    You don’t have to wonder how to start a Keto lifestyle anymore.

    I was ready to make a healthy change, but I didn’t know where to start. With a busy work schedule, I needed a quick and easy action plan to begin this new lifestyle. Tara’s 30-Day Keto Planner took the guesswork out and provided a clear and easy process.

    This step-by-step planner gave me the confidence to begin immediately. As I worked through the planner, I had my goals and a one-week meal plan done. It included valuable information about the Keto lifestyle, helpful exercise tips, ready-made food links, sugar substitute list, and my favorite, a Keto shopping list. The recipes were an extra yummy bonus.

    After one week, I was in Ketosis, and I noticed more energy during those long afternoon work hours. Tara’s 30-Day Keto Planner is more than a planner; it’s a handy user’s guide to health. You’ll love it.

    marisa 7 day keto challenge photo

    Marisa Shadrick

    Certified Copywriter and Online Content Strategist

    keto planner testimonial

    Dana Gilbert

    Using the planner worksheets helped me get focused on my goals. My favorite part was the success tracker because it helped me stay motivated as I checked off each day. And the motivational quotes were great too.

    Tony Jacobs

    The planner helped me pay attention to the things I was "skipping" each day. Once I got consistent for 30 days, my weight loss started up again and I'm almost to my goal weight.


    A $27 Bonus Course

    Yours For Free With Purchase!

    With your purchase of either format- you'll get a special bonus course

    with tips & tricks on putting the 30 Day Keto Planner to work for you.

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    Meet Health Coach Tara

    Tara Wright

    Certified International Health Coach

    After losing 25 pounds and re-claiming her health, Tara created the popular YouTube channel "Tara's Keto Kitchen" in July of 2017. She is passionate about making keto sustainable over the long term.

    She began her keto journey in early 2017 when diagnosed with Endometriosis at age 37. Finding herself unwilling to take the treatment path mapped out to her by her doctor, she decided to try the keto diet to balance her hormones and reduce inflammation in her body. 

    She found that keto not only helped reduce her Endometriosis symptoms but also treated her ADHD without medications.

    Tara Wright is a Certified International Health Coach trained by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition and an Amazon Bestselling Author.

    You can find her blog & keto recipes at wholebodyliving.com and on the YouTube channel "Tara's Keto Kitchen"

    Check out Tara's Keto Grocery Store Tour filmed in her local Hy-Vee!

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