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35 Year Old Mother Of 3 Loses 30 Pounds In Less Than 7 Weeks

Learn The Secrets To Rapid Weight Loss With The Keto Diet

If you have 7 Days… I’ll Give You A Simple Solution To

Lose Weight, Conquer Your Cravings And Never Look Back

If you wish losing weight was as easy as packing it on…

If you wish you could get rid of that fat on your body that makes you cringe when you look in the mirror…

I’ve got good news.

I’ll show you how to drop a size or two over the next four weeks (and maybe faster) by taking the confusion out of the keto diet.

This is where a lot of people get it wrong… they get stuck because the experts all disagree on many things around the “right way” to do keto.

I’m going to cut through that confusion for you with a 7 day, step-by-step system that you’ll be able to use over and over again.

I’ll make it SIMPLE.

You’ve seen keto splashed all over the news…

It’s hard to walk by a fitness magazine these days that doesn’t talk about the keto diet.

You’ve heard about it, considered it… but just aren’t sure it’s right for you.

I mean… give up carbs...forever? That’s terrifying!

Over the next 7 days you’ll discover some of the most common myths that keep moms, grandmoms and hundreds of women just like you from getting amazing results with the keto diet.

Some of those myths include:

Myth 1

Deprivation Is Required (because keto is strict)

Many clients tell me “Keto isn’t going to work for me because I’m terrible at strict diets”... Me too...and that’s just why keto works so well for me. Keto is different from any other diet out there because our goal is to change our metabolic state.Once you’re in this new metabolic state… you won’t believe how good you feel… I’ll teach you how to do imperfect keto and get the results you want.

Myth 2

 You Can Never Eat Carbs Again

This might be the biggest myth preventing thousands of people from losing weight with the keto diet. The good news is… you can eat your favorite cheesecake or pecan pie or bread… all made into delicious keto friendly options. And lose weight. Your taste buds won’t believe you are even on a diet!

Myth 3

Eating Fat Makes Us Fat And Is Bad For Our Body

We were lied to. Eating dietary fat does NOT make us fat. New research has proven this over and over again. But the prevailing advice from many experts is to stick to a low-fat diet to lose weight. With the keto diet,  you will discover how good food can taste...and how good your body feels when running on fat instead of sugar. 

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Tara’s enthusiasm for understanding, implementing & sustaining the ketogenic lifestyle is contagious. Her passion & commitment to enhancing all the benefits offered through personally pursuing keto is clearly evident & impressive. Since getting to know Tara, her natural generosity is touching. It's not surprising to see her generosity flow over into sharing her knowledge & experience with all things keto.

Kimballe Robyzen - Naturopath at Beyond Good Health

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